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Shawnee Apartments

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The city of Shawnee lies in a section of Oklahoma named Frontier Country, named for the adventurous spirit of the people who once lived here. Today, though the land may be covered with Shawnee apartments, there's still plenty of that old pioneer spirit that gave this land its name. The Shawnee apartment-ites who now call this land home still carry with them, in their hearts, the history the great land once saw, and go about their days with the same adventurous ideals that their ancestors did.

Shawnee has some of the most beautiful historical markets in all of the state, so apartment-ites would be doing themselves a disservice by not checking them all out. Shawnee apartment-ites simply must make their way out to the Log Cabins, made in the19th Century by early settlers to the region, as well as the beautiful old buildings that can still be found in Shawnee's historic downtown. For those seeking more modern touches, the town features several movie theaters, as well as a museum of art, in addition to the many other fantastic attractions the city has for even the youngest and hippest of its Shawnee apartment-ites.

For those seeking out a town that still holds to the beliefs held by the pioneers that first blazed a trail through this section of the land, the city of Shawnee is the town for you. The people who now call these Shawnee apartments home know to keep the history of the people who once roamed these lands alive, in their hearts and in their hometown.


Shawnee OK 74804

Cimarron Apartments
Pet Friendly
Family Friendly
Kitchen Options

1810 Harrison St N Shawnee OK, 74804

1 to 3 bedroom apartments $520 to $696

1 180671 35.3524 -96.9134 (844) 220-5192
(844) 220-5192 check availability

Harrah OK 73045

Fall Creek Village Apartments
Pet Friendly
Kitchen Options

20862 Landmark Cir Harrah OK, 73045

3 bedroom apartment $895 to $995

2 1578721 35.4605 -97.1623 (918) 925-9087
(918) 925-9087 check availability
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